As a consultant I get to create the world as it should be.

Passionate about design principles, working with my hands and (all the) details, I am a BFA, MBA, UX/UI designer who recently took up high-end hard wood cabinetry. Experiential learning has always steered my professional course, as I prefer a jump-right-in approach to harness new skills.

My BFA in Digital Design and Multimedia put me on the art slash technology track which I found enthralling. I worked my way into web design through print and typography. Art Direction in a small web design studio leads to my true passion, UX design with Charter, designing the overhauled TV and DVR experience. As a UX/UI consultant I get to create the world as it should be, not the way it is, by creating spaces –real and digital – using empathy and thoughtful logic.

In a recent quest to work with tangible assets instead of purely pixels, I dove into woodworking. I find my new skillset to truly encompass my ability to shape the built environment in which I inhabit. I look forward to bridging both these worlds, digital and physical, into my next career path. Let’s talk.