Passionate about design principles, working with my hands and (all the) details, I am a BFA, MBA, UX/UI designer who recently took up high-end hard wood cabinetry. Experiential learning has always steered my professional course, as I prefer a jump-right-in approach to harness new skills.

I am a UX design leader. I take messy software problems and turn them into delightful bits to benefit the user. My work focuses on enterprise level applications, impacting hundreds to millions of users, ranging in fields from healthcare data to cable media.

I have been afforded exposure to several kinds of industries, varied technologies, a host of personalities (all of whom require buy-in and specific collaboration) ultimately tested by unique user problems.

In a recent quest to work with tangible assets instead of purely pixels, I dove into woodworking. I find my new skillset to truly encompass my ability to shape the built environment in which I inhabit. I look forward to bridging both these worlds, digital and physical, into my next career path. Let’s talk.